Interior painting is essential to any full-time, well rounded painter. Because of this, we specialize in interior repaints, especially homes where the customer lives in them and the house is fully furnished. This type of paint job makes up at least 40% of the work we do as we are one of the few companies not to charge extra to paint your house when you have all your furniture and decorations in place. In fact, the pictures of the paint job right below us is an example of a fully furnished house that we painted completely. The first thing we do when we paint homes like this is to move all the furniture to the center of the room and place the pictures hanging on the walls on top of the furniture then we wrap it all in plastic and begin the painting process. When we finish with the room, we remove all our masking and put the room back the way it was. Because we paint each room completely, and return the furniture in the room to its proper place before moving to the next room, we a capable of providing the high quality paint jobs our customers demand without disturbing their home life while we complete their paint job.  Because we have so much success with this technique,  our interior painters are in high demand, especially when it come to occupied homes. We are also working on providing some blueprints of a few standard homes that hopefully closely resembles your home. Below these blueprints will be some exact prices for square footage, single rooms, or the entire house. Hopefully this way you can get a good idea as to the price of your project your looking to have done. Unless it a single room or something small, we will have to actually see the project to confirm the price. But we do our best to stick the the prices we give you here. We pride our selves for the ability to perform each skill that any good painter must know, to perfection. Because it is impossible to paint outside year-round, we offer discounts and incentives for those customers with a flexible schedules capable of allowing us to insure our team can work during days of poor weather. However, we always meet deadlines on time, and if you need the paint job done quickly, you can count on us to perform our jobs in a quick, professional manner. Winter time prices are always a great deal! Interior paint jobs can be as little as a $1.00/sq. ft! So remember, if your in Bremerton, Poulsbo, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, Bainbridge Island, Silverdale, Kingston, or Belfair, or anywhere else in Kitsap County and your need your interior painted, give us a call! (360)865-2807