Finished Tola rd Exterior and Tennis Court in POrt Orchard, wa

Well We finally finished our job for hariett weatherford, on tola rd next to the southworth ferry in port orchard. it was almost 150 hours when we finished!  this house needed a lot of work, and we also agreed to replace some shingles and fix their front gutter so they wouldnt have to pay some outrageous amount, to have a separate company out and do just a few things. all these little extra things and the tennis court  is what really added the extra time to the job. we have a great review from mrs. weatherford because she was so happy with both the quality of the work, and the price! It always pays to go that extra mile :) not sure where im gonna post the review on the website, its on yelp and thumbtack, tryin to get it on google and yahoo,  but i was thinking about creating another page to hold reviews/links and photo copies of my 2 million dollar policy and bond and whatever other proof of both customers, jobs, CONTINUOUS insurance and bonding over the course of ten years, my impeccable BBB record etc.  i would love to hear customer feedback to know if this is something people wouldbe interested in or if its too much?