god i wish i could steamline reviews!

well, ive decided to stick my reviews in the blog for now... im thinking about opening up another page for reviews, proof of past customers, scans of my bonding and 2 million insurance policy, that kind of stuff. mostly because its really hard to get customers to write you more then one review in all the different stupid websites you need it to show. wish there was some streamlined way to do it... ill never get anyone, let alone everyone, to write me a review on google, yahoo local, bing local, yelp, thumbtack, AND home advisor! worked for home advisor for a lot of years, back when they where called service magic and got lots of great reviews from them but i cant take them anywhere else and because i left their network(they got SUPER expensive, all the tv ads im sure, not worth the money anymore). so here i am, wishing there was some way to set up a review system  that will populate your reviews from one location to all those guys mentioned above. if there is any techie out there that can help me solve this problem, hopefully he will need some work done to his house :) but if not i'll gladly pay for a solution