First Exterior Painting Project of the Year

Hi! It's Mike Mathwig with Mathwig Painting Services here to let ya know just what we have been up to in the month of february! Well to start, its been unseasonably warm here in the NorthWest even though the rest of the country is Freezing, lucky us. :D It's been so nice in fact that we decided to take on our first exterior home painting project of the year. The pictures im posting today are the pictures after removing the ivy that was attached to the house but before pressure washing. there might be a couple pictures in there after pressure washing too, i also still need to take pictures of the tennis court that we are pressure washing and painting as well. Wont be perfect "before" pictures because half the tennis court is already pressure washed. Would have took the pictures with the rest of the house but the clients were soo happy with our work that they added the tennis court mid-project. The house was a lot more work than usual because it was flaking and chipping really bad and required a lot of prep work, a TON of ivy had to be removed as well that had a huge number of scary black widow like spiders calling it home. :P Not that it was a big deal, bees and spiders are a regular part of the job when painting outside, but i tell ya, ive seen some crazy infestations in the last 5-8 years. Bees have been signifigantly worse as the summers get hotter, though only some of them are actually aggressive. spiders, ants, even things like birds and mice have been more of a problem. On Bainbridge Island there are certain areas where the nates are so bad you have to mask or shelter any doors AFTER you spray them because all the bugs fly into it before it drys lol and in belfair i painted a house that had bats soo bad that we had to not only call an exterminator twice, but also had to do some serious repairs to keep them from getting back in and messing up my paint job. Well atleast global warming worked in my favor this week :) I will post the "after" pictures sometime next week