Kitsap Painters Goal

To provide the highest quality interior and exterior painting services, in a quick, efficient manner. Our painters are dedicated to insuring both customer satisfaction as well as an excellent paint job. We believe firmly that a satisfied customer, along with an exceptional finished product, is all the advertising we need. Ok, maybe not the only advertising we need :). We also believe that providing pictures of our paint jobs along with the contact information of the customers who's pictures we show, allow potential customers to easily research some of the jobs we've done right in their local area. This way they can see first hand some of our quality paint jobs and feel confident in their decision when choosing a painting contractor. To protect peoples privacy we always get permission from our customers first before providing any contact information to other potential customers.

The Bremerton Painters Profile

Our team of qualified professionals are all trained to properly mask, prep, and paint any and all exterior as well as interior sufaces. Due to the skill required to perform custom mill work, we have two specialists who have had 10 years experience in properly milling cabinets, MDF, crown molding, and all other milled items on site and in place. We specialize in new construction, and high end homes, commercial, residential, and multiple home owners. Our Painters also paint small projects as well as big ones. We do try to maintain a well balanced array of work, to insure that all our crew members get the proper training in all the areas a painter must be proficient in, not just one. Our commercial division is still new, and we hope to expand this portion of our company in the next 5 years. We have an incredible amount of product knowledge, so no matter if your painting needs consist of just a few rooms, or you need to paint your entire house, we will provide a highly competitive bid and you can be sure our painters will get the job done right the first time.  We also feel that by providing a high quality website with pictures of our local paint jobs and the prices we charged for painting them, potential customers will be able to see the quality painting we do and also get a good idea of what it might cost to have us paint their project. We feel this provides us with an edge over our competitors as most construction and painting companies rarely take the time to build a decent website that shows even a few of their projects, and none that i know of that will give you a good idea of what your painting project will cost. We built this website the same way we paint houses, working hard to provide the best finished product possible. By maximizing our websites ability to provide quality information about our company, the work we do, our respected customers, and our pricing, we hope to attract as many customers as possible to our website and avoid extremely expensive advertising campaigns. In this way we can keep our costs down and provide excellent prices.

We are proud to serve Bremerton, Port Orchard, Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Belfair, Gig Harbor and Silverdale with the most affordable and highest quality Interior and Exterior Paint Jobs around!

New to our Interior and Exterior sections of our website are some standard floor plans and exterior layouts with the exact prices we charged attached. Our goal is to provide some pricing guidelines so you can get a pretty good idea of how much your home will cost to paint, long before you decide to give our high quality painters a call!